Gift Your Clients Like A Coffee Connoisseur

We’ve all been there. Our well-meaning client/partner/agent/realtor, wanting to spread some holiday spirit, delivers a bottle of wine/box of chocolate/basket of fill-in-the-boring that let’s be honest, you really don’t need or want, especially in this season of plenty.

Let’s do something WYLDER this year. Whether you’re looking for a corporate gift for your boss or clients, a token of gratitude for your hostess, a stand-out stocking stuffer or a little something to add to your own wish list, WYLDER probiotic coffee will impress even the most cultivated of coffee palates, and packs a probiotic health punch that lasts through the New Year.

The digestive benefits of our extremophile, heat-resistant probiotic are the perfect compliment to the season’s rich foods. Dressed up in an organic, luxury coffee and sourced in the most sustainable way possible, WYLDER is a gift that will leave the best kind of lasting impression. Bonus - the bag is so beautiful, you won’t even want to wrap it.

WYLDER Organic Probiotic Coffee

WYLDER comes pre-ground and can be brewed in everything from a K-cup to a Chemex, and every luxury coffee maker in between, so no need to worry about the recipient’s current brew setup.

We’re doing a little giving of our own this year: Now through November 30th, we’re offering free shipping plus 10% off with checkout code GRATITUDE. If you'd like to check off your whole list, use the code GIVEHEALTH for 20% off an order of 10 or more bags of WYLDER.

Wishing you and yours the absolute best this season.


The WYLDER team