At the core of our beings we know that our whole world ecosystem and every living thing is affected by the impact of human life. This flows all the way down to the animals of the Antarctic.

When we started WYLDER, we knew that we would be using coffee from around the world. The shipping of the coffee would have a direct influence on the health of the water, the burning of fossil fuels, and the ecosystems where our coffee originates. It only felt right to give back. We chose to be conscious about our coffee purchasing by only using high-altitude, ecologically grown, organic beans and to give back to one abundant region that supports every breath that every living being takes: the Amazon Rainforest.

We all know that the Amazon Rainforest is the lung of the earth. We are mystified with its dense biological abundance and magnificent array of animals and nature’s medicines that thrive within this ecosystem. Few of us have traveled there to see how modern industry has completely changed the size and scope of the Amazon Rainforest, and the people who co-exist within it. If we did see it with our own eyes, what would we do differently?

During her career as a university student, our Director of Flow (CEO), Brittany Ricketts, lived on the Ute Mountain Ute reservation for a summer internship. Brittany arrived on the reservation with a passion to help build a community garden and had hopes that it would empower the people to band together and lessen crime. Over the course of the summer, Brit learned that her feelings and desires were not going to cause the change she wanted to see - only the empowerment of the people themselves had the potential to sustainably change the crime rate in the village.

What Brittany knew was that these people had a deep love for their ancient lands and sacred rituals. Instead of trying to persuade them about the benefits of organic gardening and community interaction, she chose to connect with them through their rituals. Sundance, Bear Dance, Sweat Lodge were all things she witnessed and took part of. From the deep connections made with nature and each other during these rituals, she saw that she had no job to do as an outsider. Brittany’s witnessing, presence, willingness to learn, and grace was the job.

From this experience grew the new approach Brittany takes on environmentalism and conscious entrepreneurship. “I feel the deepest way that we can truly help preserve the world's resources is by empowering the communities who live on the fringe of them,” she said.

When it comes to the mission to help preserve the Amazon Rainforest, this lesson and approach has inspired WYLDER’s method of giving back to the Amazon Rainforest.

“The people of the Amazon Rainforest will be the ones who make decisions on how the forest will be preserved, conserved or destructed,” said Brittany. If the local people can find prosperity through living within the region in a sustainable way, they will no longer need to sell their land to logging, mining, or cocaine production. The creators and community behind WYLDER believe that empowering the native people to live in their timeless way, a way that allows them to co-exist with a thriving rainforest, will make have the greatest impact on the conservation of today’s Amazon Rainforest. “Tribes like the Ashaninka of Peru know exactly what to do, they just need to be empowered in doing it as they face the mass industry which encroaches on their way of living,” said Brittany.

For this reason, we feel deeply honored to be part of the group who is donating their time, resources, and energies to empower the people of Peru to be the front lines of the Amazon Rainforest Conservation effort. Those who purchase WYLDER and partake in our WYLDER events are all apart of it through their conscious purchasing power.

This coming Sunday is one of our WYLDER events in Northern Colorado. Doors will open at 8:30 for yogis to gather around a cup of warm lemon water. We will flow with a wild yoga class taught by our Director of Flow, Brittany. After yoga, we will gather around for a cup WYLDER coffee and talk morning rituals. All proceeds from this event will be given to the Ashaninka tribe through the non-profit organization,Cool Earth. If you’re in Northern Colorado, we look forward to seeing you this Sunday as we empower ourselves, the Ashaninka, and the band of tribes which sit on the fringe of the west side of Amazon Rainforest in Peru.

Head over to NOCO Yoga Club  event page to find details and tickets to this event.


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