SURVIVOR TO WARRIOR // The story of Sara Krish and The Cancer Warrior Foundation

Five years ago, Sara Krish was hardly able to get out of bed, as her body battled a powerful disease that nearly stole her ability to become a mother. Tomorrow, the cancer survivor will celebrate her 35th birthday leading nearly 100 other cancer survivors, supporters and warriors in an energetic, healing yoga practice. How time heals.

Sara is the founder and visionary behind Cancer Warrior Foundation (formerly The Fly Buddha Foundation) —a nonprofit she created to empower young women through their cancer journey. By providing a variety of free services that positively impact mind, body and soul, CWF encourages a strong sense of hope for a future filled with possibility. 

The vision for CWF was birthed out of Sara’s battle with cervical cancer. A few months before she turned 30, she went to the doctor for a standard annual exam and was given the diagnosis—a huge shock to the yoga instructor and spin class-lover. The following months were filled with countless tests, doctors, and research into treatments and options. Along the way, she was told by her OB GYN that post-treatment, she likely would lose her ability to have children.

The news of possible infertility was another huge blow, and Sara found herself in a period of deep mourning and a struggle to understand. It was in this season that she met a doctor that offered an alternative treatment plan, one that included fertility preservation, and offered her empathy and compassion for what she was going through. 

With financial support from family and friends, Sara was able to have 18 eggs frozen, and continue with her cancer treatment with greater hope for the future. The road ahead was still long and hard, but she had preserved the possibility of becoming a mother.

“It was a ray of hope, something that I really hung onto and held high,” she said. “It was this reminder that I would be better, that I had something to look forward to.”

Sara did fully recover, and when she did, found herself with a new found energy to “sink her teeth” into something new, something that would bring hope to people like her—women who needed help navigating complex cancer treatments, who may not know about fertility preservation, who need support, community and a path forward. 

It was with this motivation she built The Cancer Warrior Foundation (at the time,The Fly Buddha Foundation). The foundation began as a resource for women specifically battling gynecological cancers, but soon grew into a community of cancer survivors and their supporters from all walks of life. CWF has a focus on mind-body-soul, and offers goal workshops, opportunities for “sweat therapy”—spin class and yoga—and other events meant to support and encourage women battling cancer.

“When I first got my diagnosis, the tears and the sweat would come out during yoga and spin class, and it was like I was letting it all go, I was letting it all out on my mat or on the bike,” Sara said. “I was dealing with all of these super scary things, but when I would go to my mat, I would have to focus on the way I was using my body, what the instructor was saying, where I was putting my foot or arm, and I would just have 60 minutes of absolute presence.”

Tomorrow WYLDER will join the CWF community for their monthly Get Lit Yoga Party, 8:30 a.m. at The Shade Hotel in Redondo Beach. The event will include yoga, brunch, and a curated pop-up shopping experience. 

Every morning, Sara makes a cup of French press coffee, which she prepares bulletproof style with butter, coconut oil and sometimes cinnamon. She drinks it in her favorite mug while snuggling on her couch with her journal, reflecting on her experiences and dreaming up new ones. 

If you’d like to connect with Sara or learn more about CWF, follow them on Instagram at @cancerwarriorfoundation or visit (currently under construction). If you’d like to connect with Sara directly, feel welcome and encouraged to email her at

We’d also like to thank the lovely Laura Jeffrey for connecting us with CWF and her brilliant coordination skills! Follow her on Instagram @ljconsultingmb