YOUR WYLDER BREW GUIDE // The perfect cup for any situation, anytime

At WYLDER, we’ve blazed new trails in the coffee industry from an endless curiosity and a spirit of exploration, whether we’re visiting off-the-map coffee farms, experimenting with new methods in the coffee lab, or in that last step before the delicious payoff: brewing. You can find plenty of dogmatic opinions on the absolute, 100%, best way to brew a cup of coffee, but in the end, it’s about trying something for yourself and deciding what you like. Still, some guidance can be helpful. Here’s how we love to brew WYLDER.


For over 75 years, the elegant Chemex has been delighting coffee enthusiasts with its simplicity and the rich, complex notes it can deliver in a cup of coffee.

What you need
6-cup brewer
Square Chemex filter
36 grams (5-7 tbsp) WYLDER Probiotic Coffee
600 mL (about 20 oz) water just under boiling, plus additional for rinsing

Step 1—Rinse and Pre-heat Chemex
Place unfolded filter in Chemex
Make sure the 3-layered side is lined up with the pouring spout
Pour hot water over the filter for better taste and to seal the filter against the Chemex
Discard rinse water

Step 2Add Coffee
Add WYLDER Probiotic Coffee grounds to filter
Shake gently to level the coffee

Step 3The Bloom
Start the timer as you add enough water to saturate the grounds
Stir gently to make sure you don’t have any clumps
Let the coffee bloom for 30-45 seconds

Step 4The Pour
Begin pouring the water in a circular pattern
Pause as the water reaches the top of the filter to let it settle
Add remaining water

Step 5The Wait
Allow the coffee to drain once all of the water has been added
After about 4 minutes, the process should be complete

Step 6Pour and Enjoy
You’ve done it! Drink deeply of what should be one of the best cups of coffee you’ve ever had.

French Press

A mainstay in many home and coffee shop repertoires, the french press is an easy way to deliver a consistent, robust cup of coffee in a few simple steps.

What you need
4-cup French Press
27 grams (5 tbsp) WYLDER Probiotic Coffee
400 ml (1.75 cups) water just under boiling

Step 1—Pre-heat French Press
Pre-heating the french press will make for a nicer final temperature in your cup
Swirl water in press and discard water after 30 seconds

Step 2—Add Coffee
Add WYLDER Probiotic Coffee grounds to the french press
Shake gently to level the coffee
Step 3—The Bloom 
Start the timer
Add water in a circular motion, wetting grounds evenly
Fill about half-way and pause to let the coffee bloom

Step 4—Fill 
Stir coffee grounds
Add remaining water
Place french press lid on the press with the plunger resting on the grounds (don’t plunge yet!)

Step 5—Take the Plunge
When the timer reaches 4:00 minutes, slowly press the plunger down as far as it will go

Step 6—Pour and Enjoy
To prevent over-extraction, serve coffee immediately or decant into another vessel.


If you’ve never tried making coffee in an Aeropress, you’re missing out. Designed by the same physicist who patented the Aerobie flying disc, the Aeropress is inexpensive, brilliantly designed, and makes an amazingly clean cup of coffee very quickly.

What you need
AeroPress brewer
AeroPress filter
1 AeroPress Scoop (17g or 2 ½ Tablespoons) of WYLDER Probiotic Coffee
Hot water just off the boil (about 205°F)
AeroPress paddle or spoon

Step 1—Assemble AeroPress
Place paper filter into the basket, and attach the basket to the brewing chamber

Step 2—Rinse AeroPress filter and Pre-heat Mug
Pour water through the filter and warm up your mug of choice

Step 3—Add Coffee
Pour the WYLDER Probiotic Coffee grounds into the brew chamber (the AeroPress comes with a funnel to help pour in the coffee grounds if you need it)
Place on top of your mug

Step 4—Add Water
Start your timer
Add water up to the level marked by “4” on your AeroPress

Step 5—Stir and Wait
Give the coffee a stir with the AeroPress paddle
Place the plunger gently in the top and pull up to create a seal so that it’s just barely inside of the chamber

Step 6—Stir and Plunge
After 1 minute, remove the plunger and give the coffee another stir
Place plunger back in the brewing chamber and press down gently until the plunger bottoms out and you hear a hissing sound

Step 7—Enjoy!
Don’t forget to disassemble your AeroPress and clean it promptly after each usage to extend the lifespan of your AeroPress 

Cold Brew Concentrate

There are about as many methods for making cold brew coffee as there are summer days to enjoy it—so get creative! Luckily, it’s a simple waiting game and you can make as much or little as you care to have on hand for a quick pick-me-up on those hot and sunny afternoons.

What you need
Vessel of any kind—mason jar, pitcher, or dedicated cold brew device
Water and WYLDER Probiotic Coffee at a 4:1 ratio (for example, 4 cups water : 1 cup coffee)
Filter of any kind—mesh, paper coffee filter, cheesecloth, etc.

Step 1—Brew
Add coffee and water to your vessel. This could be as simple as combining the grounds and water into a large mason jar, or you can place the coffee grounds in a filter bag of some sort from the beginning

Step 2—Wait
The coffee + water mixture should brew for 12-24 hours, but unlike when brewing hot coffee, it’s not a very sensitive process

Step 3—Filter 
If your water and coffee are mixed, filter using any variety of methods, from paper filters, wire mesh, cheesecloth, etc.

Step 4—Serve 
This method yields a concentrate, so add water, milk or ice to bring the cold brew to your preferred strength

Enjoy and share it! It’s so easy to prepare cold brew and gives you a great opportunity to surprise a friend with a warm-weather treat.