Let Your Inner Coffee Connoisseur Shine Out

We’re firm believers that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy WYLDER probiotic coffee, and that’s a great first step.

If you’ve got a coffee connoisseur on your list of loved ones (and we bet you do) we’ve collected a few gift ideas that pair perfectly with our coffee, guaranteed to make Christmas morning merry and bright. With every bag of WYLDER, you’re giving millions of heat-resistant probioticsto activate a healthy gut - a true gift in this season of rich food.

A Chemex coffeemaker is an elegant glass vessel with a polished wood collar and leather tie. It yields a flavorful coffee without bitterness or sediment, and makes for a clean-tasting, gorgeous cup of WYLDER.

The Kalita Wave adds ingenuity and elegance to a tried and true brew method. The Kalita makes it easy to craft an evenly extracted cup, and brings out WYLDER’s most nuanced flavor notes.

If you’re buying for your favorite client/company or a home Keurig drinker, pack a reusable K-Cup with your bag of WYLDER for the fastest way to a rich, probiotic cup of coffee.

The Hario Pour Over Scale will give your favorite coffee drinker the tool they need to make a consistent cup of our organic coffee effortlessly. It comes with a built-in timer, so no more worrying about over processing.

copper Turkish coffee pot is able to diffuse heat evenly and quickly - one of copper’s natural attributes - one of the many reasons these gorgeous vessels are treasured for making WYLDER coffee. They’re simple to use, easy to clean, and gain character as they age.

If your loved one cherishes chocolate and ethically sourced ingredients as much as we do, why not include a bar of Honey Mama’s Mayan Spice Cacao-Nectar Bar? Caring for our planet and all its inhabitants has never tasted so good - especially accompanied by a rich cup of WYLDER coffee.

Nothing goes better with a bag of WYLDER Coffee than the promise that there’s more to come. With a bi-monthly subscription, you’re truly giving the gift that keeps on giving - a healthy gut all year long.


Purchase in bulk and save

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5-9 Bags - 15% off                    Coupon Code: CONNOISSEUR
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Gift Your Clients Like A Coffee Connoisseur

We’ve all been there. Our well-meaning client/partner/agent/realtor, wanting to spread some holiday spirit, delivers a bottle of wine/box of chocolate/basket of fill-in-the-boring that let’s be honest, you really don’t need or want, especially in this season of plenty.

Let’s do something WYLDER this year. Whether you’re looking for a corporate gift for your boss or clients, a token of gratitude for your hostess, a stand-out stocking stuffer or a little something to add to your own wish list, WYLDER probiotic coffee will impress even the most cultivated of coffee palates, and packs a probiotic health punch that lasts through the New Year.

The digestive benefits of our extremophile, heat-resistant probiotic are the perfect compliment to the season’s rich foods. Dressed up in an organic, luxury coffee and sourced in the most sustainable way possible, WYLDER is a gift that will leave the best kind of lasting impression. Bonus - the bag is so beautiful, you won’t even want to wrap it.

WYLDER Organic Probiotic Coffee

WYLDER comes pre-ground and can be brewed in everything from a K-cup to a Chemex, and every luxury coffee maker in between, so no need to worry about the recipient’s current brew setup.

We’re doing a little giving of our own this year: Now through November 30th, we’re offering free shipping plus 10% off with checkout code GRATITUDE. If you'd like to check off your whole list, use the code GIVEHEALTH for 20% off an order of 10 or more bags of WYLDER.

Wishing you and yours the absolute best this season.


The WYLDER team

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Your Morning Ritual Just Got WYLDER


We’re thrilled to announce that WYLDER is live on wyldercoffeeco.com. Our Organic Probiotic Coffee is ready to renew your morning ritual and is just a few clicks away.

A cup of WYLDER Coffee tastes best alongside an adventure, which is why we’re inviting you, fellow travelers, to join in our celebration and help us kick this thing off right.

Share with us your WYLDER journeys of adventure and beauty, new experiences, and sacred rituals. We’ll be giving away a free bag of WYLDER Coffee (a $39 value) to our favorites. Images aren’t required but being a team of creatives inspired by the earth and all its glory, you can bet they give you bonus points.

Submit your stories to Wylder@wyldercoffeeco.com by Monday, November 14th.


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