Through years of researching the extremophile probiotic and a deep dive into the world of coffee, we have broken ground in both industries with the creation of one product that combines our passions and heritage: a probiotic organic coffee.

Like most meaningful discoveries, this did not happen overnight. We have three generations of family history in coffee, health and nutrition. It’s in our blood.

Finding a probiotic that could withstand the extreme conditions of the coffee brewing process and the digestive system took extensive study and repetitive testing, conducted over the course of years. At the same time, we began our search for the world’s best coffee beans that we could source without compromising any of our standards for quality and sustainability.

The beans we eventually landed on are organic, high altitude crops. They are hand-picked when the sugars are rich in the bean and the flavor characteristics are at their peak. We’ve partnered with farmers who share our love of the earth and the coffee plant, and who know the land and their crop intimately.

After roasting, we combine the beans and our virtually tasteless extremophile probiotic into a single bag of the finest organic coffee.



To inspire global health and personal vitality by balancing our bodies and positively impacting our world. We do this by:

Sourcing only truly organic beans from farmers who are dedicated to being positive stewards of the earth through their selection of soil nutrients, sustainable farming techniques, and a positive working environment.

Providing you with a powerful extremophile probiotic that can withstand the high temperatures and filtering process of brewing coffee.

Giving back to rainforest preservation and conservation efforts of the Amazon Rainforest through our sales. We have already donated funds to preserve and implement sustainable farming techniques within the Amazon Rainforest. We look forward to continuing to do this with the perpetual success of Wylder Coffee Company.

Inspiring health and happiness by championing these values ourselves, and sharing inspiration with you through #WylderJourneys. We invite you join the WYLDER community and share how you live a wild and authentic life.


We are Brittany, Bridgette and Robert Ricketts, siblings and inheritors of our family’s unique combination of roasting experience and pioneering research in probiotics, and founders of WYLDER Coffee Company.

WYDLER is a culmination of three generations of wisdom. For summer vacations we would travel to Kona, Hawaii to stay with our grandparents and visit their coffee shop, Lava Java, where they’d created a community through quality coffee. Inside their space we fell in love with the culture of conversation, morning rituals, and simple pleasure that abounds from a simple cup of coffee.

On the other side of the family, our grandmother Patricia owned her own coffee roasting company, where she would service local restaurants and coffee shops with freshly roasted coffee in her Los Angeles Community.  Our mother Jennifer also was in the coffee industry, selling specialty packages of gourmet coffee, each hand tied in french ribbon, to high-end boutiques and department stores internationally.

The smell of roasting coffee will always remind us of hugging Grandma Patricia after a long day of pouring her heart and soul into her craft.

Our knowledge and access to the best extremophile probiotic we trace back to our grandfather, Dr. Robert M. Ricketts, and our father, who both pioneered probiotics research in the early 1990s, long before it became a buzzword. These two brilliant minds took it upon themselves to educate people about the importance of beneficial bacteria to the overall health of the body. Grandpa Ricketts was well-known and respected in the medical world, eventually being nominated for a Nobel Prize because of his progressive contributions to the field.

When we discovered that we could combine our family heritage into one product, we knew we’d found our mission. We had the ability to create the most exquisite cup of coffee, and we had the knowledge and support to find, test, and produce the very best probiotic. We believe it’s our calling to steward these gifts.

Our three-generational journey of research, collaboration with the top probiotic specialists in the world and decades of coffee wisdom has culminated in WYLDER organic coffee, and now we want to share it with you.


WYLDER organic coffee tastes like an incredibly delicious cup of fine coffee. Through cuppings with connoisseurs, brewers, and coffee lovers, we’ve landed on a blend which wows the palettes of our numerous tasters. We’ve been thrilled to continue to hear how our coffee makes people feel wonderful after drinking it. Drinkers of WYLDER have commented on how they don’t feel the coffee jitters or the acidic stomach feeling they’re used to.

The organic coffee itself has a sweet, caramel essence with light savory undertones.


WYLDER is sold across the US and is now open to the Canadian and UK markets. There's a great chance we're in a spot near your for a cup or a bag. Send us an email if you're looking for a point in your local direction or simply grab a bag right here. If you’re one who likes for things to be automated for you, sign up for one of our subscriptions and your coffee will go out every two weeks, like clockwork.

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